How effective is marketing in the agricultural sector?

I am often asked this question: does a farm need to do marketing? Or, does a wholesaler selling fruit and vegetables need to promote their products through marketing?

I have been dealing with agro-economics and data analysis for the agricultural sector for a long time. Later on, both my university studies and career goals, led me to study and specialize in digital marketing.

I like agribusiness, and I like people involve in it.

I have been working in the sector for thirty years now, and it continues to be a very interesting experience to me.

So, well, the short answer to the above questions is absolutely affirmative! Nobody can escape this imperative.

What do I think of marketing?

It is a subject – not a science and it never will be !! – and a practice which helps promote your brand, reach the right audience, and retain customers.

Do I think marketing is a form of culture such as literature or the figurative arts?

Obviously not!

I invite anyone to be wary of those who spread around certain assumptions such as marketing is a science, or marketing is poetry. Yes, there are those who also come to this. Usually, they are the ones who started in this business because they lack talent for other things, nor clearly have any for this. A good dose of cultural poverty is also needed to make certain comparisons, completely out of place.

In addition, these alleged experts, whether they realize it or not it does not matter, harm the actual professionals who work with competence and care.

Back to the above questions, I am well aware of how reluctant the agricultural sector, especially with regard to production and wholesale distribution, is to the introduction of such communication and promotion techniques.

Of course, the largest and best organized companies make excellent marketing on all channels, from the more traditional to the digital ones and in fact their success is there for all to see. I’m not just talking about corporations such as Chiquita, Dole, or Del Monte, I am referring to smaller and yet dynamic and lively businesses.

Now I believe that the simplest answer for the businesses that doubt the strength and effectiveness of marketing for the agricultural sector can be articulated as follows:

Marketing is the art of communicating, simply and clearly, the values of my brand, the problems that my products and services are able to solve, and the benefits that customers have in having business relationships with me.

Yes, I used the word “art”, however, I am not contradicting myself. In this case, I mean it as a synonym of technique – in its most material and practical sense.

Therefore, we can now just ask ourselves these questions:

  • Is there any competition in the economic sector in which I operate? (Y / N)
  • Am I sure that my customers will remain firm in my hands and allow me to grow, or at least allow me consistent market share to stay active and thrive? (Y / N)
  • Can a business exist in today’s world without taking care of its communication and, if so, is this my business? (Y / N)

Therefore, if you too – like most companies – fall into the YNN model – which means Yes for the first question, and No for the next two – then you can’t do without marketing.

How to do it, well, that’s why you have to rely on experts.

Some practical advice

  • Do not delegate your marketing to people who have no skills or do not know your sector. You’d better do nothing than go for bad marketing.
  • Identify your audience quite well. You’ll have to talk to them.
  • Don’t praise yourself, don’t magnify your company and how wonderful and perfect and superior you and your staff are. These things have not worked for some time now.
  • Never lie. If anything, make up a story that matches what you do and that is verifiable.

Happy marketing, and if you like, we are here and glad to help you!!

Bob (22)

Data Analyst, Project Manager, Author. My life amidst work, study, literature and rock'n'roll