More on the Andalusian drought crisis

Andalusia, the beautiful region located in southern Spain, known for its natural and architectural beauties, nice people, wonderful climate, good food and superb wines, is currently facing a severe drought crisis. The lack of rainfall has led to a significant decrease in water supply, causing harm to the local agriculture and leading to water scarcity … Read more

Thanks Meryl!

Thanks Meryl - Prumess

A special Prumess’ story I pay a visit to my invaluable aunt Arleen, whom I have always been very fond of. We sip a good cup of tea and eat some luscious biscuits she still bakes, and whose recipe she reminds by heart, no matter the winters relentlessly passing by, are becoming many in the … Read more

Julie – Episodio 7


Julie – Episodio 7 Veo gente moviéndose como ondas de luz en un río. Un enjambre demacrado que se balancea entre calles silenciosas. Más que caminar, parecen deslizarse suavemente. Callados, inexpresivos, su rostro envuelto como si estuviera sellado por una máscara de acero. Me imagino sus bocas, sus sonrisas desvanecidas, entregadas a un tiempo donde … Read more

Interview with Nathaniel Barlam

nathaniel barlam

Nathaniel Barlam is an architect based in New York and an amazing artist. One of his best known works is the illustration of the rock opera by the British band Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, an extraordinary creation that impressed the audience on Youtube. Nathaniel kindly granted me an interview, which I feel honored … Read more

Interview with Sam Maher, Master of Handpan

sam maher

Thanks for this interview Sam. I first discovered your video at the New York subway about 1 year ago. I was impressed. I didn’t know that instrument and wondered what you were actually doing. That amazing sound and your skill left me speechless. I completely ignored you could compose that kind of music with such … Read more