The Pros & Cons of Blogging

Pros and cons of blogging Blogging has become a popular way for individuals and businesses to express their thoughts, share their experiences and knowledge, and promote their brands. While blogging has its benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Here are some pros and cons of blogging: Pros of Blogging Creativity: Blogging allows you … Read more

ChatGPT & The Stones

As you can see the image of this post shows a logo that recalls that of the Stones but it’s not the same at all. Likewise, ChatGPT and the Stones are two very different expressions of what we can define as our society. We have already consulted ChatGPT on the musical subject but in this … Read more

20 Common Misconceptions


We are not saying anything new if we say that we are all victims of misconceptions, impressions that do not reflect the state of things and sometimes even prejudices. Well, here are 20 of the most common misconceptions… 20 Common Misconceptions

Mango producers in Andalucia on a war footing


Last October, mango producers in Andalucia (Spain) met and discussed abandoning cultivation due to the low prices imposed by distribution chains, which, they claimed, meant that between 70 and 80 percent were purchased below what they considered worthy, hiding behind that did not meet caliber standards. The provincial secretary of the COAG agrarian organization in … Read more

Top Countries for Organic Food

organic farming statistics

According to the number of producers, India was the world’s top producer of organic foods in 2020. India had about 1.6 million organic food producers in that year, which was more than all organic food producers combined in the other nine major industrialized nations. Consumption of organic food Denmark and Switzerland are the two top-ranking … Read more