The Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Africa

The Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Africa

The Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Africa Given the importance of both nations in the supply chains of several key commodities such as wheat and sunflower oil, the protracted war between Russia and Ukraine has had a long-term impact on the African food market. As a result of the continent’s reliance on items from … Read more

Misconceptions about Darwin’s theory

DARWIN Misconceptions

The picture of human evolution that we are all used to, the one that reproduces from the monkey to Homo Sapiens, is completely misleading! Indeed, chimps and humans descend from the same progenitor; nonetheless, 8–6 million years ago, it was already extinct. Even though humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor their subsequent evolution was … Read more

Avocado production during this campaign in Spain will be reduced by at least 25%

Avocado production in Spain during this campaign will be reduced by at least 25% compared to last year, resulting in lower market availability, as the harvest of the so-called “green gold” has also decreased in other competing countries. “, whose consumption continues to grow in Europe. This scarcity gives farmers hope that the campaign will … Read more

The Importance of Organic Farming

The goal of organic farming, as a comprehensive approach to farm management, is to establish a food production system that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. Instead of relying on external farming inputs like pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, additives, and genetically engineered organisms, organic farming is more specifically oriented on maintaining the agroecosystem. To put it … Read more

La manipulación genética con algas podría producir más cultivos con menos agua

gmo tobacco plants

La fotosíntesis mejorada promete mayores rendimientos en un futuro afectado por la sequía Las plantas de tabaco se han modificado con una proteína que se encuentra en las algas para mejorar su fotosíntesis y aumentar el crecimiento, utilizando menos agua, en un nuevo avance que podría señalar el camino hacia cultivos de mayor rendimiento en … Read more

Ammonium Nitrate vs Ammonium Sulfate

ammonium fertilizer

The following article is part of a conference on the effects of Ammonium Nitrates and Sulfates. The topic is somewhat technical, I must recognize, however, having been called to offer my experience in the agricultural field, I think it is important to bring to the attention, in this case of the farmers, these subjects. It’s … Read more