EU & UK Organic Produce Sales

EU Organic Produce Sales As of the cutoff of 2021, the sales of organic produce in the European Union (EU) have been steadily increasing over the years. In 2019, the EU’s organic market was valued at 45 billion euros, with Germany being the largest market, followed by France and Italy. According to data from Eurostat, … Read more

The Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Africa

The Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Africa

The Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Africa Given the importance of both nations in the supply chains of several key commodities such as wheat and sunflower oil, the protracted war between Russia and Ukraine has had a long-term impact on the African food market. As a result of the continent’s reliance on items from … Read more

Desertification: Causes and Solutions

Desertification is a process of land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid regions, resulting in loss of productivity and biodiversity. It is caused by a combination of factors including climate change, overgrazing, deforestation, soil erosion, and improper land management practices. The impact of desertification is widespread and affects both the environment and people. As … Read more

More on the Andalusian drought crisis

Andalusia, the beautiful region located in southern Spain, known for its natural and architectural beauties, nice people, wonderful climate, good food and superb wines, is currently facing a severe drought crisis. The lack of rainfall has led to a significant decrease in water supply, causing harm to the local agriculture and leading to water scarcity … Read more

Avocado production during this campaign in Spain will be reduced by at least 25%

Avocado production in Spain during this campaign will be reduced by at least 25% compared to last year, resulting in lower market availability, as the harvest of the so-called “green gold” has also decreased in other competing countries. “, whose consumption continues to grow in Europe. This scarcity gives farmers hope that the campaign will … Read more