Top Countries for Organic Food

organic farming statistics

According to the number of producers, India was the world’s top producer of organic foods in 2020. India had about 1.6 million organic food producers in that year, which was more than all organic food producers combined in the other nine major industrialized nations. Consumption of organic food Denmark and Switzerland are the two top-ranking … Read more

The Importance of Organic Farming

The goal of organic farming, as a comprehensive approach to farm management, is to establish a food production system that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. Instead of relying on external farming inputs like pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, additives, and genetically engineered organisms, organic farming is more specifically oriented on maintaining the agroecosystem. To put it … Read more

The Art of Recycling into Art

Glass bottles, plastic bags, and other rubbish that would typically end up in landfills or drifting in the ocean have, in the hands of some artists, evolved into a type of sustainable art that both exposes the state of the environment and astounds with its creativity. As far as the mind can imagine, the possibilities … Read more

Thanks Meryl!

Thanks Meryl - Prumess

A special Prumess’ story I pay a visit to my invaluable aunt Arleen, whom I have always been very fond of. We sip a good cup of tea and eat some luscious biscuits she still bakes, and whose recipe she reminds by heart, no matter the winters relentlessly passing by, are becoming many in the … Read more

Interview with Nathaniel Barlam

nathaniel barlam

Nathaniel Barlam is an architect based in New York and an amazing artist. One of his best known works is the illustration of the rock opera by the British band Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, an extraordinary creation that impressed the audience on Youtube. Nathaniel kindly granted me an interview, which I feel honored … Read more

Interview with Sam Maher, Master of Handpan

sam maher

Thanks for this interview Sam. I first discovered your video at the New York subway about 1 year ago. I was impressed. I didn’t know that instrument and wondered what you were actually doing. That amazing sound and your skill left me speechless. I completely ignored you could compose that kind of music with such … Read more