Carl & Sid


Once upon a time, there was a little cactus named Carl who lived in the middle of the desert. Carl was a pretty content cactus, as far as cacti go, but he couldn’t help feeling a little lonely. You see, all of the other plants in the desert had friends and family to keep them … Read more

Thanks Meryl!

Thanks Meryl - Prumess

A special Prumess’ story I pay a visit to my invaluable aunt Arleen, whom I have always been very fond of. We sip a good cup of tea and eat some luscious biscuits she still bakes, and whose recipe she reminds by heart, no matter the winters relentlessly passing by, are becoming many in the … Read more



The house was bright white, lying at the center of the esplanade, arcane and mysterious like a sphinx made of ice. Its smooth and softened shapes glistened in the moonlight, while its dome seemed to expand in a blurred glitter in the sun. It was many things all at once, two of which, defeat and … Read more